Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: Year in review

Remember that time I created a blog and I was all like, oh hey I'm gonna write in this once a weeeeeek! And guess what. That didn't happen! And if you were a loyal and dedicated reader of said blog, you would've realized this already. So, lets not waste time saying what we already know and lets get back to the topic at hand.


Lets recap some of the highlights shall we?

Tried Kombucha for the first time ever. Gotta love probiotics!

Got THEEE biggest zit ever
Found a beachy-rocky watering hole
Partied at the Capitol "Last song everybody naked"
Had my share of "the good, the bad, and the ugly

Went bike riding and then got my own set of wheels! (These pics were not taken on the same day...this is just my bike riding outfit).....yeah...thats it....
Watched my besties little girls get baptized

Hung out with this guy a bunch

   Zumba'd with these ladies  

 I climbed   And I flew

I started work at Golds Gym!
Billy came to visit!

 Saw this guy

 Learned some new makeup tricks

  Went to New Orleans

 Hung out with my fav peeps on the planet

 And laughed more and fell more and more in love with this guy. I love you Mark!

I would say thats a pretty successful year, wouldn't you? 

Favorite activity: Anything downtown. Something is always going on, and if its not...well then you're not downtown. 

Favorite thing I ate in 2013: Torchy's Tacos. The Fried Avocado taco is absolutely to die for. And if you ever come to visit, it is likely we will be making a pit stop.

Favorite quotes from Mark in 2013: "I'm out of cash. Because we spent it on a vending machine run and a pole dance" 
Mark: Did they grab your boobs? Did you grab theirs?
Sadie: yeah, and all I felt was padding.
Mark: So did they honey, so did they.

Mark upon feeling the bottom of my feet. "Get your World War I Zumba trench foot away from me. I've seen better feet in the pre roll of amputation films." 

And I have no idea what this one is from but "You might want to add some whipped cream to cut the sweetness"

Favorite spiritual event of 2013: When someone played a guitar for their musical number in church. It was awesome.
 Oh and did I mention I am teaching Relief Society and Mark is assistant executive secretary? Yay church! 

Random Austin people quotes from people I briefly talked to: 
Some guy at the bike shop, "Man, what got me into riding bikes is finding a bike that I had a huge boner for. Should I take the train or should I ride my bike? Yeah I wanna ride you you sexy son of a bitch!" 

At a food truck talking about the beef. The guy selling it says, "the only thing that makes it healthy is that it's grass fed, organic, and it's just glorified kick ass mother f***in good meat." 

I hope 2014 is full with as much happiness, love, laughter, growth, and memories as 2013 was. 

So without further ado...

Please welcome in the year


Lets do this shiz

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